NEWS | Woman Goes Out

February 15, 2015


A woman who acts in Hollyoaks and / or Coronation Street went out last night. She went to a venue such as Rosso on King Street, Neighbourhood in Spinningfelds, or an equivalent establishment in either area.

It is hoped that the inclusion of a celebrity and what they are wearing in the headline of this article will be viewed via social media and will exploit the curiosity in you enough to click the link, which will in turn will generate advertising revenue for our parent company.

The press were made aware of their movements via their PR representative, and / or agents, and this is the report produced as a result of said communication. It is mutually beneficial to all parties concerned. Despite this, the article will refer to them being ‘spotted’, or ‘spied’, at said venue.

The woman who acts in a soap was wearing clothes. These clothes probably accentuated her figure. We will now describe the outfit. It was ‘barely there’ and ‘figure hugging’. It is an outfit some might aspire to. It was ‘bodycon’. Look at the outfit.



If the woman was out with a host of ‘pals’ we will use this paragraph to list the host of ‘pals’ she was out with. The pals were in similar clothes. The pals are also actresses in Hollyoaks and / or Coronation Street. All parties were dressed up to the nines.

The woman used to date a man. She doesn’t date this man any more. She is happy and enjoying the single life.

This is a line about something and it ends in an exclamation mark!

Contractually we must finish with a description concerning the woman’s current story line in the soap in which they act. This was a stipulation of the PR agent who informed us that the woman was heading to a bar in Spinningfields. It has been approved by the media department which produced the soap in which the woman acts before going to press.

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