NEWS | Northern Quarter venue plans alternative street party

June 1, 2012


Manchester band Eagle Vs Owl.


Northern Quarter bar Compass have confirmed that they will throw an alternative Jubilee street party this Monday.

The quirky Manchester venue, which attracts hipsters like a craft beer festival at a former flannel shirt warehouse, is chosing to commemorate the 21 year and 5 month reign of Norway’s King Harald V.

“You’ve probably never heard of him”, said Compass manager Milo Popping.

“He’s a not very well-known King but he enjoys the laid-back math-rock of Minus The Bear, smokes Lucky Strikes and used to have a pretty gnarly beard. For people in the know he’s the man.”

“And it’s not a celebration as such”, continued Popping.

“It’s more just an opportunity to pay some respect to a Monarch who isn’t afraid to bust out a retro ’90s boombox and set up a Tumblr dedicated to Murder She Wrote. You don’t see our Queen doing that type of thing.”

The street party will see Manchester lo-fi apathycore band Eagle Vs Owl¡  play their unique brand of 80’s kids TV-show inspired jangle-jazz to a largely ambivalent crowd of trendy 20-somethings who may or may not be carrying some form of ironic accessory.

Popping also spoke to News Manc regarding the decoration: “Bunting is a bit mainstream, so we’ve cut out some octagon shapes from the pages of a book on niche consumerism and are hanging these up instead.”

“Unfortunately during the creative process we completely forgot whether this was an ironic gesture or not so we just need to regroup and have a think.”

Tickets for the event are available from Portland, Oregon and a second-hand bookshop in Bristol.

Compass’s normal Monday evening event, Mindr, which sees people gather together to drink limited edition pale ales whilst a DJ repeatedly plays the theme tune from ’80s criminal underworld-based comedy-drama Minder, has been cancelled.




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