NEWS | Police question BT advert star over disappearance of flatmate

May 12, 2012


Reality advert star Simon North.

The star of a series of fly on the wall documentary adverts for BT is being questioned regarding the disappearance of his 20-year old flatmate Anna Tranter.

Manchester student Simon North, 19, was one of three individuals chosen by BT to live rent-free in a Manchester flat in exchange for being continuously filmed for their Infinity Broadband product advertisements.

Over 6,000 students applied for the advertising concept with North being one of three final students chosen. The students subsequently moved in to the flat on Wilmslow Road in Fallowfield in September 2011 with adverts appearing on-screen almost immediately.

In recent months viewers of the adverts have raised concerns over the behaviour of North after observing him seemingly becoming more and more obsessed with his female flatmate.

After receiving a number of e-mails and telephone calls from the public BT released a statement in February which conceded that they had reviewed the controversial advert series but had made the decision to continue them, saying that “North’s flirtations with Tranter simply represents the situation in many normal student living situations.”

Fellow students raised concerns last Thursday after Anna failed to attend a number of lectures.

Police have confirmed that they do not know the whereabouts of Anna are questioning North, but were quick to stress that the 19-year old is simply “assisting them with their enquiries.”

A friend of Anna, who did not want to be named, told News Manc that she had contacted BT months ago after Anna shared concerns with her about North.

“We met for a coffee one evening after Christmas and she told me that she thought someone, likely to be Simon, had been going through her underwear drawer when she was out.”

“She also mentioned that she found a copy of Bizarre magazine which had a photograph of her face stuck over the face of every single woman inside.”

“The final straw should have been when she came home to find him naked in her room, wrapped in ethernet cables whilst masturbating to the music from Super Mario 3. She said he was murmuring something about ‘hotspots’ and ‘no one else having her’. The wall was covered in posters of Simon Le Bon.”

“I advised her to contact police at the time, but I’m not sure whether she did or not.”

BT have yet to comment on speculation that they have footage showing North’s alleged worrying behaviour.

An official statement from BT  released earlier today read: “We are cooperating with police and will continue to assist them with their enquiries as best we can”.


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