SPECIAL FEATURE | FA Cup Final build-up drinking game

May 5, 2012


News Manc has put together a fun drinking game to get you through ITV’s two hours of FA Cup Final build-up.

The rules are simple: when one of the items on the list below occurs note the number of points and add it to your total. For every 100 points scored down a pint of Carling. For any items in bold you must down a shot of sambuca.

You will need: Carling, Sambuca, ITV.

Ex-Liverpool player who played in the 1996 final being asked about ‘those’ white suits (20 points)

Footage shown of Dennis Wise holding his baby and the FA Cup after the 2000 final (20 points)

John Terry or Luis Suarez seen wearing a hood (200 points)

Any player spotted wearing Beats by Dr Dre headphones as they walk from the bus in to Wembley (10 points)

Footage of any player with the lid of the cup on their head (20 points)

Dalglish answering a question with a question. (“Big game for you today isn’t it Kenny?” “I dunno, is it?” “Well, it is isn’t it?” “I really don’t know, why don’t you tell me?” etc.) (100 points)

Wembley being refered to as ‘magnificent’ or ‘hallowed’ (5 points)

Any interview with a foreign player who is due to play in today’s game talking about how the FA Cup final was always a special match for them to watch on television as a child despite not living in England (50 points)

“Greatest Cup Competition In The Word” (5 points)

Any mention of how many countries this is being show in, or the total TV audience in billions (30 points)

Any shot of a tin-foil cup (10 points)

An incredibly serious piece to camera from Gabriel Clarke (200 points)

Any shot of a face-painted child (10 points)

Jan Molby (100 points)

Adrian Chiles does an impression of Roy Hodgson (80 points)

Roy Keane smiling (50 points)

Any discussion around European club cup competitions not having the same interest as the FA Cup (40 points)

Frank Leboeuf (100 points)

Roy Keane finally taking out Adrian Chiles with a meathook (300 points)

Any fan giving a prediction on Wembley Way (20 points)

Reference to Liverpool’s heroics in Instanbul (5 points)

Chiles pointing out to Keane that both clubs have had a difficult season and then asking who needs it more. Keane telling him to “shut the fuck up”. Southgate looking on nervously. (150 points)


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