NEWS | Mancunians reminded of St George’s Day via racist Facebook status updates

April 22, 2012


Many Mancunians who completely forgot that today is St George’s Day will be reminded of the fact by reading racist Facebook status updates.

23rd April is often the day chosen by people you added as friends on Facebook, despite not having seen them since school, met them only once on a stag or hen do or only working with them for just three weeks during  your late-teens, to update their status with an incomprehensible copied and pasted racist diatribe under a thinly veiled pretence of mis-placed patriotism.

Jordan Bates, 27, lives in Openshaw and has a Facebook profile picture of himself with no top on.

“I haven’t decided which status update to go with yet”, he admitted.

“There’s a good one about a generic police force going round to pubs and banning the wearing of England shirts as it offends Muslims. Or Buddhists. No, wait, it’s Muslims. It did the rounds last year, but it’s been adapted specially for this year’s St George’s Day with an extra line about how we’re not racist but we need to take a stand for St George’s Day.”

“It finishes with the classic, “I don’t ask you to remove your turban, do I?”, which I quite like. They shouldn’t be able to cover their faces like that. But anyway, we’ll see what mood I’m in tomorrow.”

“Whatever I go with, it’ll probably be in capitals”, he added thoughtfully.

Leanne Smith, 31, is really keen on a flag burning angle.

“My status tomorrow just has to include something about imugrants and how they won’t stop me being patriotic. I also plan to join a group called ‘WE WILL RIOT IF THEY BAN OUR FLAG’ around mid-morning. I’m not sure who ‘they’ are, or whether any flags have actually been burnt, but I think I may post a comment about what they would say if we banned the burka. And that I should be able to morris dance whenever I like. Or something.”

“I’ve got to be honest and say I’m a bit flummoxed by it all.”

On a more positive note the vast majority of the population will not turn to Facebook to commemorate St George’s Day and will instead celebrate by drinking Guinness and wearing a massive hat on the 17th March.


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