NEWS | Record Store Day to be followed by Sell Limited Edition Vinyl On Ebay Day

April 21, 2012


Many music fans who queued through the night in Manchester’s Northern Quarter as part of Record Store Day will tomorrow celebrate National Sell Limited Edition Vinyl On Ebay Day.

Vinyl resellers began waiting outside shop Piccadilly Records from late on Friday evening in an attempt to bag rare releases before relisting them on auction site eBay.

James Gooch, 23, lives in the city centre and joined the queue at 4am on Saturday morning.

“I’m hoping to get my hands on the limited edition 12″ acoustic single from Frozen Then Thawed and I’ll be made up grab one of the new 7″ E.P.s from hotly tipped Michigan band Perturbed By Conjoined Twins. That’ll go for at least £100.”

“Whatever I end up getting, I’ll stick it all on eBay this coming Thursday evening.”

“I like Thursday evening listings as you can set it as a maximum ten-day auction to end on a Sunday night, which in my opinion is the best time to end an auction. This method also means your auction spans two weekends. That’s what National Sell Limited Edition Vinyl On Ebay Day is all about for me: thinking about the small details in order to maximise your profits.”

“Ironically I don’t even own a record player”, chuckled Gooch.

Record Store Day came in to being in 2007 in America after hipsters complained of not feeling comfortable celebrating St Patrick’s Day.

It is the latest of a range of days designed to support flagging industries including Getting A VHS From Blockbuster Day, Pager Day, Bring A Typewriter To Work Day, Physical Dating Agency Day, Renting A Telly From Rumbelows Day and Attach Your Wallet To Your Jeans Via An External Metal Chain Day.


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