NEWS | Catholic Church to open third venue in Manchester’s gay village

March 4, 2012


Club owner Sentamu.

The Catholic Church have announced that they will be opening a third venue in Manchester’s gay village.

The bar and nightclub will be named Cardinal Sin and is due to open in early May.

It is the latest venture from Archbishop of St Andrews Cardinal Keith O’Brien and Anglican Archbishop of York John Sentamu who currently run two other nightspots in the village: Eucharist on Bloom Street and P-O-P-E on Canal Street.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien spoke to News Manc about his excitement for the new venue.

“In many ways the Catholic Church has a lot in common with the gay community. We can both pull off an extravagant hat, we share a love for Italian men in robes and we can organise the fuck out of a parade.”

“The new venue will be slightly more laid back than our two other venues”, said O’Brien.

“The opening of Molly’s House on Richmond Street inspired us to create a more relaxed space where bishops, priests, deacons and cardinals can chill-out as well as party.”

Eucharist on Bloom Street is known as a hardcore priest-only venue complete with a darkroom where hedonistic ordained individuals can hear confessions and denounce abortion to a soundtrack of Lady Gaga and Girl’s Aloud.

P-O-P-E is a long-term fixture on Canal Street and attracts a younger and more hip crowd of fashionable priests, vicars and deacons. The nightspot tends to play a mix of house and techno over three floors and was famously visited by Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to England in 2010.

One aspect of Cardinal Sin that O’Brien and Sentamu hope to develop for Cardinal Sin is a private function room for civil partnerships and, hopefully one day, gay marriage receptions.

O’Brien and Sentamu became civil partners in 2007 and have long campaigned for same-sex marriage on equal terms with heterosexual couples.

“What type of fucking moron is still against gay marriage?”, asked O’Brien sadly. “It’s 2012 for Christ’s sake.”


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