NEWS | Northern Quarter petrol station sells ‘craft fuel’ for £3.10 a litre

March 2, 2012


The Swan Street Garage in the Northern Quarter.

A petrol station in the Northern Quarter has started selling unleaded fuel for £3.10 per litre.

The average price per litre of unleaded in Manchester is currently 136p, making a fill up at the Northern Quarter station more than double the cost of a trip to a normal petrol station.

Georgie Taylor, manager of the Swan Street Garage, told News Manc that the high cost is due to import fees.

“We don’t sell ordinary fuel. The petrol we sell is an imported craft fuel from an independent micro-distillery based just outside of Portland, Oregon.”

“It’s a small, traditional fuel making house which develops the innate quality of the petrol by using techniques passed through the generations. The machinery is hand-operated and they’ve been using the same gleaming copper and stainless steel boiling chamber since 1963.”

“If you want regular petrol then that’s fine, you can go to Texaco or Shell. But our customers know the difference though and that’s why they come here”, said Taylor.

The Swan Street Garage opened just over a year ago and has become popular with affluent and artistic twenty-somethings who wanted to make a more quirky and alternative fuel purchase.

Sheldon Whisk is a blogger and DJ who lives in the Northern Quarter and has recently started visiting the garage.

“I like the vibe there. They were playing Grizzly Bear the last time I visited, you know? Shell doesn’t play Brooklyn-based indie rock as far as I’m aware.”

“I don’t actually have a car as I’m all set with my fixie-wheel bike, but if I ever get my dream 1987 Saab 900 I’ll go for craft petrol over standard every time”, added Whisk.

The Swan Street Garage will be hosting Manchester’s first Craft Petrol Festival on the 21st and 22nd April. The weekend will see a performance from hotly tipped Manchester duo Taunted By Stoats, who have been described by NME magazine as a “mix between 80’s funk band Anaphylactic Beards and the sound of your house creaking as the central heating winds down”.


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17 Comments on “NEWS | Northern Quarter petrol station sells ‘craft fuel’ for £3.10 a litre”

  1. John Says:

    Do the fuckers sell ‘artisan Ginsters’ too?


  2. Leon Kehoe (@leonkehoe) Says:

    What octane rating is it? My car needs 97 or greater to avoid engine detonation.


  3. Bob Says:

    expect the mag rail to be well stocked with copies of ‘Wire’ and ‘Butt’.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Will there be full WiFi as I’ll be looking to check a few important work related emails as i fill up?


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Free Buddy Holly glasses with every 10 litres I assume…


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Nah, comes with an Audi toy and a low end admin job. Losers.


  7. @helloimgary Says:

    All of the pumps have docking stations for your iPad and the cctv has an ‘Instagram’ setting. Just in case people were worrying


  8. Thom Says:

    misguided pretension at its finest.


  9. Minky Says:

    Will they be stocking free range diesel?


  10. Ian Hough (@IanHough) Says:

    I hope they sell homemade goat cheese for forty quid per lb. and microbrews made with Planck Length filtration for forty quid a bokkle. Innit.


  11. Anonymous Says:

    is there any plans to stock or imported an organic and vegetarian fuel


  12. unicorn sunbeam Says:

    Is it vegan friendly?


  13. Tahlia Says:

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  14. Les Says:

    4×4 s driven by desperate rich men`s play things anxious to fill up before the price goes down, even filling their empty shampoo magnums to take advantage of this great offer


  15. Says:

    What’s up, yeah this article is actually good and I have learned lot
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