NEWS | GMP: ‘Salford gang war is related to personalised greeting cards’

March 1, 2012


If you see a Salford youth with either of these two logos tattooed on his neck, cross the street.

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed that a recent spate of shootings in Salford is due to a gang dispute over personalised greeting cards.

Detectives have today arrested three as yet unnamed men from the notorious Funky Pigeon gang who are believed to be behind the shooting of two men in Irlams o’ th’ Height on Saturday.

The Funky Pigeon gang are based in the Irlams o’ th’ Height area and are known for their fierce rivalry with the Moonpig Crips who are tend to call central Salford their turf.

Although most episodes of violence are now territory related, the feud between the two gangs is thought to have started in 2010 when four members of the Moonpig Crips became unhappy with the photo uploading software on the website and starting using instead.

Disowned by their gang leaders, the four gangbangers ordered dozens of personalised goodbye cards from and sent them to Moonpig Crip members. A message on the front of one the cards included the inflammatory “Your advert is fucking irritating you bitches”.

Violent incidents have been on the rise ever since and last year over 20 gang members from both sides were arrested and charged with being in possession of a shit personalised greeting card.

Gang members can be identified by the colours their wear and many sport a tattoo of either a pig in a spaceman’s hat or a pigeon on a motorbike, usually on their face.

Many local residents have reported to police that they feel like prisoners in their own homes as gang members sit outside the front of their ‘cribs’ with stereo systems blasting out the theme tunes from either the or advert.

Detective Inspector Mike Shelden leads the Great Manchester Police unit which deals with inter-gang personalised greeting card incidents.

“In previous years gang members would simply buy their cards from Clintons or Birthdays. There wasn’t an option to personalise and neither retailer released gangster-slogan songs.”

“But the young, disaffected youth of Salford now look at the way in which you can upload your own photograph, the way you can write your own messages and they hear the catchy yet irritating songs from the advert. They start to see it as a lifestyle choice.”

Greater Manchester Police plan to visit youngsters in the region over the next six weeks with pictures of people receiving shit personalised greeting cards to show the devastation it can have on individuals and families in an effort to curb the violence and stop younger children joining the gangs.

Detective Inspector Shelden is also urging members of the public to contact them if they have any information.

“Imagine if it were your son or daughter designing a card with your face in a mock-up news paper”, he added sadly.


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6 Comments on “NEWS | GMP: ‘Salford gang war is related to personalised greeting cards’”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    what the fuck is this


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Crying with laughter here!


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Boom gunned down


  4. Lynette McKone Says:

    Funny as feck! Made me laugh out loud, not many things can do that! Brilliant writing, well done 😊


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