NEWS | ITV execs apologise for cutting Dido short

February 22, 2012


The organisers of last night’s Brit Awards have apologised to record-breaking star Dido after cutting short her final acceptance speech.

The singer landed seventeen awards at the industry love-in including best album for her multi-million selling release No Angel.

But a drunken and somewhat rambling speech earlier in the evening by Phats from shithouse fucksticks Phats and Small meant that host Johnny Vaughan was forced to follow his producer’s instructions and cut Dido short.

The clearly bemused singer was told to quit mid-speech to allow a rather poor performance from Shed Seven who picked up a lifetime achievement award for being the third best band to come out of York.

Dido heaped further controversy on the live event by showing an offensive hand gesture known as the ‘shocker’ to camera as she left the stage.

A spokesman for the beige singer said: “Dido was simply showing her frustration to the suited executives who cut her short. She wants to reassure the 16 million housewives who during a trip to Tesco chose her album as their one musical purchase of the year that it was in no way directed at them.”

Brit Award producers have been quick to defend the gaffe and stated that time must be given for performances from new, as well as established, acts.

“This year we saw performances from up and coming talent Artful Dodger, A1, Sonique and Shanks and Bigfoot. The Brits gives artists such as this a platform for what will hopefully be a long and successful career.”


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2 Comments on “NEWS | ITV execs apologise for cutting Dido short”

  1. Bruce P Says:

    I love the way the Foo fighters said that Britian was their second home and all that old bollocks but couldn’t be arsed to turn up! Well done the Foo’s!


  2. Mc Fake Says:

    Did I miss the funny here?


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