SPORT | Manchester City in £34m swoop for St James’ Park sign

February 17, 2012



Mike Ashley: ripping the piss out of Newcastle fans just for the fuck of it

Manchester City are believed to have made an audacious £34m bid for Newcastle’s out of favour St James’ Park sign.

The versatile sign, which can be placed on indoor or outdoor surfaces, fell out of favour with Newcastle’s owner Mike Ashley back in November

A host of Premier League clubs enquired as to the sign’s availability in January but a deal couldn’t be agreed.

City’s late attempt to acquire the sign follows reports earlier this week that Premier League rivals Chelsea and Liverpool had both made bids to land the matching set of 2 ft high black letters.

Chelsea manager and part-time Gordon Brittas lookalike Andre Villas-Boas is known to be a long-term fan of the titanium coated stainless steel characters and made a failed attempt to bring the lettering to Porto during his time as manager there.

It is believed that he sees the sign as a direct replacement for Fernando Torres. However, the unhinged and gravelly voiced manager is not willing to outlay more than £25m for the wall-based logo.

It is also believed that Liverpool have sensationally offered a swap deal of Andy Carroll plus £20m for the arial-fonted characters. Newcastle are understood to have responded with a negotiation of £21m in cash, telling Liverpool they can keep Carroll.

City manager Roberto Mancini remained coy on the reports.

“We have lots of nice signs here already”, he said with an enigmatic smile on his face, whilst his impish hair flopped lightly over his forehead.

An Etihad Airways sign which previously sat on the wall of Manchester City’s stadium has recently returned to the United Arab Emirates to be closer to its family.


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One Comment on “SPORT | Manchester City in £34m swoop for St James’ Park sign”

  1. A. Sign Says:

    I want to know if they’ve signed the sign yet or not? I know Manchester City have already made some great sign signings this year but signing a sign of St James’s calabre would signify a great signal of significance in their excpectance to win the Premier League.

    I know to some, signing a sign like St James’s is a signal that there are problems up front, down below, behind and outside City, but I think all signals are set for the sign to make a big contribution to letting people know that Manchester City are at the very least better than Newcastle.


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