NEWS | Shoppers have lucky escape after Trafford Centre bus catches fire

February 15, 2012



A News Manc reader sent in this picture of a burning bus. It's not, however, the one from today's incident.

30 shoppers have had a lucky escape after a bus carrying them to the Trafford Centre caught fire close to junction 12 of the M60.

The 126 service from Leigh to the Trafford Centre pulled on to the hard shoulder at around 11am after the driver saw flames coming from the engine. The passengers were asked to quickly evacuate the bus and run up the motorway embankment in case of an explosion.

“We’ve been incredibly lucky”, said passenger Joe Mason, 34, from Leigh.

“If that bus hadn’t had caught fire this morning I would be at the Trafford Centre right now. It’s half term so there are probably over half a million teenage girls in Topshop as we speak all arguing in high-pitched screeches over whether they should buy the ironic Iron Maiden t-shirt or the ironic Rolling Stones t-shirt.”

“A part of my soul dies when I enter that building, it really fucking does.”

The driver of the bus, Keith Kirby, is being labelled a hero by many of the men on the vehicle. However, Kirby was quick to play down his actions.

“I simply did what anyone would have done in the same situation”, said Kirby.

“When I saw how many grumpy men were getting on my bus this morning I decided to sneakily pour a bit of lighter fluid down in to the engine as we passed junction 11. Worked a treat.”

Dad of three, Alan Dresden, was quick to hail the bravery of Kirby.

“He’s made a sacrifice for all men today”, said Dresden proudly. “Because of his actions I’ll be back in my living room in time for Escape to the Country instead of openly weeping and defecating myself in Selfridges.”


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2 Comments on “NEWS | Shoppers have lucky escape after Trafford Centre bus catches fire”

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