NEWS | Council plan sponsored ‘city trash’ for Glasgow Rangers

February 15, 2012



"Anything we can do to help" - Manchester City Council

Manchester City Council have written to Glasgow Council to suggest a sponsored trashing of Glasgow city centre in aid of cash-stricken football club Rangers.

The Glaswegian footballing giants and professional city wreckers went in to administration yesterday after running up reported tax bills of nearly £50m.

“We thought it was the right thing to do in the circumstances”, said Manchester City Council Chief Executive Malcolm Grendier.

“Our officials have set up a Just Giving page and we will be looking for 200,000 Mancunian volunteers who can spare just one evening out of their busy schedules to travel up to Glasgow, drink their own body weight in strong continental lager and then lay siege to the city in a scene reminiscent of Braveheart”.

“All we ask is that each Mancunian commits to raising at least £50 in sponsorship which will go towards paying Glasgow Rangers’ crippling debt”, said Grendier, whilst clearly trying not to laugh.

“We’ll provide coaches, alcohol and sectarian song lyrics, you just need to bring the spirit and determination to bring a city to its fucking knees”.

News Manc spoke to Glasgow City Council Chief Executive Jock Daniels and asked him whether they would be accepting the offer from Manchester.

Unfortunately we rang him in the afternoon and the combination of his strong Glaswegian accent and a day spent drinking heavily meant that we were unable to understand anything he said.

We think he was up for it though.

If you are interested in taking part in the sponsored pillaging of Glasgow please e-mail Manchester City Council and, in 300 words or less, detail your previous experience in destroying cities, exactly how drunk you’d get and how you plan to raise the money.


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47 Comments on “NEWS | Council plan sponsored ‘city trash’ for Glasgow Rangers”

  1. alisonstaples Says:

    As someone who was in Manchester city centre that evening when Rangers fans p*ssed on our city so much it was running in rivers down the street and flooded the the disabled lift at The Royal Exchange, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer club.


  2. Willow Says:

    Dear everyone in Manchester, that is such a kind offer that one cannot help but appreciate thoughts of your city’s good people. However, may I point out that many of my fellow Glaswegians would be as happy to see the back of Glasgow Rangers as you were in 2008. The good thing for all citizens of planet Earth is that this time, without well meaning but ill-judged intervention, it could be for good. So, if your charity drive does go ahead, please restrict your pilgrimage to the Govan area and distribute any monies collected amongst the unfortunate people of your own city who were so badly ‘inconvenienced’ by the marauding hordes of blue, red and white orcs who escaped from Glasgow’s very own Mordor on that fateful day.
    Yours in Green and White (eating Jelly and Ice Cream when Rangers die), Willow


    • Anonymous Says:

      the scottish newspapers said it was english chelsea fans though…………….it’s hard to tell them apart though,bald heads,wearing blue,tatoo’s and a racist nature


  3. Anonymous Says:

    You had to put up with them for a couple of days, we have to live with them!


  4. ManchesterPoliceDog Says:

    If it’s any consolation, that was them behaving normally.


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Keep in mind that not all Rangers fans are arses. I’m a Rangers fan, and i don’t appreciate people judging me and calling me names just because of the team I support. You shouldnt brand the whole bunch of us fans just because some of them are twats. I walked home from blockbuster the other night, casually with one friend and my 12 year old celtic supporting sister. A guy walked past me and called me F@cking Scum. I never said anything to provoke him, I hate the way people get like that over a damn game. Unfortunately it will never change lol. But saying something like that just cos i’m wearing a Rangers top in front of a 12 year old is ridiculous.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    rest assured the good people of manchester, they wont be back !!
    hail hail


  7. Anonymous Says:

    Next season when Rangers are dead the orcs are all going to support Man UTD and be down every other weekend so nae luck.


  8. Distgusted Scot Says:

    Would like to point out that not all scottish people or football fans are like these thugs!
    Unfortunatley you had the dregs of scottish society in your city on that occasion!


  9. Jake Says:

    I can provide B & B Bhoys. No make that F/ B!! HaiL HaiL


  10. MaxX Says:

    Think yourselves lucky.
    They could have won!!!


  11. Alan Says:

    That’s why Celtic and Rangers will never be invited to join the EPL. Imagine this happening on a weekly basis in cities across England!!


    • Willow Says:

      Alan, what a ridiculous comment! If, in the mid-eighties when English teams (club and national) were banned from European competitions, I suggested that ALL English fans were thugs you would quite rightly say ‘that’s nonsense’. Do not tar US with THEIR brush! As recently as 2003 Celtic fans were awarded the FIFA and UEFA Fair Play Award for the good behaviour of our fans. The only reason we won’t be invited to join the EPL is because the teams outwith the top 6 are scared of having another big team in their league.


      • shaunthebrummie Says:

        scared of celtic…apart from the ocasional win you have you’d do nothing down here.and as i said scared of celtic….more worried of the things your “fans” might blow’d better stay in the heart disease capital of europe,because should you ever beat man utd at old trafford….25000 would drop down dead after the shock…

    • William Coyle Says:



      • shaunthebrummie Says:

        and you think we’ll forget your “fans” blowing up pubs or the killing of women and children in england…you’re worse than least they’re honest…question how come the ira never bombed glasgow……too close to home maybe….you have no idea how hated celtic is down here.and remember when scotland is independent you’ll be stuck in a rangers fan run country…..then you’re stuck in the SPHell for ad infinitum… as for coming to england and english football….fail fail…

  12. David Says:

    I love Manchester. It’s always been a brilliant city – even before it was given a bit of a polish up a few years ago, an initiative that these @rseholes did their level best to reverse when they visited.

    I’d happily donate to your very compassionate act, but would urge you to keep the lot for yourselves in order to celebrate with style with litres of bubbly (not the fortified alcohols which that lot prefer) and lashings of jelly and ice cream when this horrible, lumbering dinosaur of a club finally crashes to the ground, writhing in agony as it dies.

    As someone else already said, we unfortunately have to live with this lot 365 days a year, so you have my every sympathy.


  13. Mark Says:

    Please Liquidate This poison from society …HMRC..Its in your power
    Revenge of Manchester


  14. Anonymous Says:

    Oh what a gay today…. mwwwwwwwaaaaa xx


  15. Big Al the Thistleman Says:

    Think yourselves lucky, you only had one side of the axis of evil for one night. We’ve got two of them constantly


  16. Anonymous Says:

    wot youve never experienced riots in england ? get your head out your arse.


  17. Anonymous Says:

    Who wrecked Manchester last year ? that’s right, the Mancunians.

    Who bombed and destroyed it in the 90’s ? The IRA, The Terrorists that the Celtic fans sing about all the time.

    A largely well behaved crowd of 200,000 littering and pissing like at any huge open air event isn’t quite the same. Yes there were several hundred morons that fought with police and caused some damage but nothing compared to those other events.

    Give us a break…..

    Anyone fancy a piece of my Killie pie !? 🙂


  18. Sisters jewelry bracelets Says:

    It is appropriate time to make a few plans for the long run and it is time to be happy. I have read this submit and if I could I wish to recommend you some interesting issues or advice. Perhaps you can write next articles regarding this article. I desire to read more things about it!


    • Anonymous Says:

      Glasgow Rangers have suporters who live in the past,they call themselves Orange men,after prince William of orange.They have a hatetrade for all things Cathloic,here in Scotland they are alowed to march past Cathloic churches playing there flutes and beeting their drums.It doesnt matter where in europe they go to follow their team they cause trouble,its not only Manchester They have some good supporters but the ones who hate outnumber them.Most clubs here in Scotland dont want them in the league because of the moreons who attach them selves to this club.


      • Anonymous Says:

        I’m assuming you’re a Celtic fan judging by your spelling. As an English man, I have far more hatred towards your club than towards rangers. rangers fans don’t sing about a terrorist organisation responsible for the deaths of many women and children in my country, nor did they cover up for and continue to employ a peadophile, whilst scaring the victims into staying quiet

      • footballmad Says:

        Thats rich coming from an Englishman

  19. Weegie Bhoy Says:

    English fans visiting Glasgow looking for trouble?…..Good luck with that, I give your rate of survival less than 1%. Please do visit the following areas when you arrive: Drumchapel, Possil park, Easterhouse, Balornock or even The back of Ruchill. Trust me… will not get out alive.


    • shaunthebrummie Says:

      remember coming to chelsea..and having to be rescued by the police from the english fans..who were kicking the shit out of you….you were rocking and rolling all over the place…..and you weren’t even drunk……..who’s this torbet guy everybody goes on about..what position does he play for celtic.


  20. footballmad Says:

    Ppl in manchester should realise that rangers are like man utd… Most of there fans are gloryhunters that don’t even come from Glasgow… Imo the ones that do r normal ppl that don’t deserve this. If u want revenge u should trash govan,ayr,fife ad certain parts of belfast. Alas, if u did no-one would even notice 🙂


  21. Anonymous Says:

    This is for Shaun the Brummie,Your so wrong about Celtic fans,whenever theres a testimonal down south who do they come to, Celtic thats who and i include Man united and most of your premier teams,why do they want Celtic because we as fans know how to behave,As for the I R A bombings what has that to do with Celtic football club.Get your facts right m8,before you open your big mouth.


    • shaunthebrummie Says:

      whats it got to do with celtic…the money raised by celtic fans paid for the bombs used in england you prick..and the reason teams choose celtic….they’re cheap to hire…not wanted..not needed..just cheap….


  22. Oscar Says:

    Wonderful article but I’m not sure that I agree. However, folks consider me challenging at the best of times! With thanks.


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  24. Winnie Says:

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