ENTERTAINMENT | Channel 4 wedding programme returns to screens

February 14, 2012



"Why don't you want us to have the ice sculpture James? I sometimes don't even think you want my day to be special. Do you actually even love me?"

Controversial television documentary My Big Fat Middle Class Wedding returns to Channel 4 at 9pm tonight.

The programme, much of which is filmed in the North West, follows a number of couples who are spending well above what they can afford to on their wedding day.

A number of commentators have described the documentary as ‘condescending’ and ‘exploitative’ with many calling for Channel 4 to simply cancel the programme.

Sally and James Hillman, both 28, from Stockport can be seen on tonight’s programme spending £2,000 on a 7ft ice sculpture, £5,000 on a dress similar to the one worn by Kate Middleton and £4,000 on an award-winning photographer who also did Tina from S Club 7’s wedding. The total cost of their wedding was just under £30,000.

“We didn’t know the tone of the programme would be so mocking when we signed up”, said Sally.

“The fact that we’ve spent the equivalent of our joint annual income on one day of extravagance is not something Channel 4 should be taking the fucking piss out of. I’ve dreamt of this day since I first met James back in 2009. And anyway, my Grandparents paid for the ice sculpture.”

Sally was also annoyed that Channel 4 called their John Lewis wedding list a “gauche display of unnecessary consumerism”.

“They can go fuck themselves”, spat Sally. “A diamond-encrusted gravy dish is not “gauche”. Whatever the fuck that means.”

Other scenes included in tonight’s show include Rochdale couple Emma and Ralph booking the Manchester Halle Orchestra for their engagement party despite both recently being made redundant and Gorton pair Mike and Julie who purchased a flower arrangement in the shape of Mario and Luigi for over £4,000.

“He fucking loves those princess rescuing plumbers”, Julie is heard saying whilst handing over her already spannered credit card.

A Channel 4 spokesman was quick to defend the show via a statement on their website.

“The series features a mix of middle class people who were happy to be filmed. We have intentionally avoided many commonly held stereotypes and attempted to provide a balanced view. We actually filmed one girl ringing Daniel Beddingfield and offering him £9,000 to personally sing You’re Not The One at her reception, but we left that out of the final cut as we knew she’d be publicly slaughtered.”

“So fuck off.”

Channel 4 are planning a spin-off show called My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding for sister channel More4 which will rip the piss out of Irish Travellers.





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