NEWS | Manchester Evening News apologises for lack of phone hacking

February 11, 2012



Tomorrow's MEN paper and website will carry a "heartfelt apology" to all readers for the lack of phone hacking activity at the paper.

The Manchester Evening News has released a statement containing a ‘sincere and heartfelt apology’ to their readers and the wider public for the phone hacking activity that didn’t take place at the paper over the past decade.

“We have let our readers down”, admitted Editor Maria McGeoghan.

“Over the past ten years our journalists have followed a code of ethics which has seen them gathering stories through rather traditional methods, including checking facts, tracking down sources and digging for information. I now realise that this has meant we’ve published some extremely dull articles and that we’ve also missed a huge number of  juicy scoops.”

Critics have long-suggested that McGeoghan’s decision to not have phone hacking at the paper has resulted in the flagship Manchester paper missing some crucial stories. Paul Cedar is a media consultant at Dinenage & Jones.

“I shudder to think at the all news they’ve neglected to discover”, said Cedar. “Some simple phone hacking would have alerted them to the story involving Helen Flanagan and that piece of chicken at Nando’s restaurant. And it’s probably best not to mention the scoop they missed when Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand were planning that event at Chester Zoo.”

Will Mellor, former star of Hollyoaks and BBC ‘comedy’ Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps is thinking of suing Manchester Evening News parent company Trinity Mirror after his voicemail was repeatedly not hacked.

“I was looking to resurrect my career”, said Mellor. “I had a number of a sexual flings with Big Brother contestants and soap stars and specifically didn’t answer my phone when they called, hoping that they’d leave a voicemail which would subsequently be intercepted by Manchester Evening News journalists.”

“I carried on this way for three or four years, and for what? Not one voicemail heard by anyone but me. Their integrity and morals has meant that I’ve received minimal column inches. It’s disgraceful. Sienna Miller got four front pages out of her voicemail being hacked and that’s down to News of the World reporters being on the ball.”

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police has confirmed that they are not currently investigating the Manchester Evening News after not receiving a number of complaints from the public.


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