NEWS | Manchester Wheel to be replaced with large picture of Arndale roof

February 9, 2012



Manchester residents and tourists alike will have just a few more months to enjoy views of tarmac roofs and grey skies from slightly higer positions.

Manchester’s largest circular ‘tourist attraction’ is set to be dismantled in April and replaced with a 13′ x 13′ billboard photograph of the Arndale roof.

Michael Yanch from Great City Attractions who manage the wheel believes that the replacement photograph will offer tourists and local residents the same exciting experience at just a fraction of the cost.

“The billboard will show a huge, high-definition photograph depicting the Arndale roof. Visitors will be able to view all the same large swathes of bitumen roofing, industrial air vents and bird shit as they could from the highest point on the wheel. And we’ll be charging just £1 to anyone who wants to stare at the photograph for up to 5 minutes.”

But the decision seems to have caused outrage amongst local residents.

“How on earth am I meant to get a slightly elevated view of Foot Asylum now?” said Kelly Wright, a 23-year-old mother of one from Hulme. “I used to love taking my daughter on the ride and we’d always look forward to being able to see the Arndale-based shoe specialist from around 16 feet off the ground. The shoes in the window used to look slightly smaller and everything. How will this new photograph replace that?”

“It’s the ability to gain an aerial view of the industrial bins around the side of Selfridges that we’ll lose forever”, said one Twitter user. “Looking at them from the side at pavement level just won’t be the same.”

Gurpal Singh, 44, from Swinton used to take his family on the wheel once a fortnight to view the fights outside the Printworks.

“It was a really family tradition”, said Gurpal sadly. “We’d get there at around 9pm most Saturdays and when we reached the highest point we’d all turn our heads towards the Printworks and watch feral packs of morons beat the living shit out of one another. What am I supposed to do now, take my son and daughter to Tiger Tiger and watch the action from there? That’s just not safe.”

A Facebook campaign entitled ‘Save Manchester’s Wheel’ was launched yesterday with the page gaining 3,000 fans in the first 24 hours. The movement even has celebrity endorsement from Coronation Street actress Michelle Keegan.

“It should be kept”, said Keegan. “Like most Mancunians I haven’t actually been on the wheel as I have a perfectly good view of Next from ground level. But I’ve heard that when our drizzle and mist is lower than normal you can see all the way to Chiquitos.”

The wheel became a permanent fixture in Manchester in May 2007. The only previous closure was for two weeks in April 2009 to repair damage after Scousers mistakenly believed the wheel was a giant 200ft alloy and attempted to steal it.


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3 Comments on “NEWS | Manchester Wheel to be replaced with large picture of Arndale roof”

  1. Steve Says:

    scousers are robbers – fucking yawn


  2. Bazzah Says:

    Dee doo doe dote day


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