NEWS | Manchester man named in ‘best dressed’ list

January 30, 2012



GQ: The magazine for men who like to masturbate over watches they can't afford.

A Manchester man is today celebrating an unexpected inclusion on GQ Magazine’s prestigious top ten list of the ‘best dressed men’ in Britain.

Rob Slater, 37, a bricklayer and builder from Crumpsall, found out over the weekend after wife Karen received a phone call from a representative of GQ.

“I thought it was my mates from the site winding me up at first”, said Rob. “I said to Karen that it’ll be James, my mate from work. He’s always pulling this type of shit. But I rang the bloke back and, although he was a bit difficult to understand as he talked a bit like Borat, he confirmed to me that I was number three on the list. It’s a bit hard to take in like, but I’m dead happy.”

Rob, who now sits along fashionistas such as Tinie Tempah and Christian Bale on the list, mainly gets his clothes from the shops in and around Manchester’s Arndale centre and can typically be seen sporting clobber from retail outlets such as Topman, River Island, Next and Burton.

“I wear a lot of jeans”, said Rob. “I mainly buy them in a dark blue colour as you can then wear them during the day and for going out at night. I have a pair of really nice smart ones from River Island that I wear if Karen and I go to the Printworks or somewhere like that for a meal”.

Rob mainly wears jumpers, t-shirts and polo shirts up top. “I have a lot of t-shirts from Topman as they generally do three for twenty pound deals. I have a few polo shirts, which again are great for both staying in and going out. Most of them are black, blue or grey. Some stripes here and there. For shoes it’s generally Nike or Reebok.”

“I have a Ted Baker shirt that I got from TK Maxx”, he added proudly. “I wear that to weddings or anniversary meals, that type of thing. Do you know if there’s a free buffet at the GQ awards?”

GQ’s ‘style shrink’ Shitz Von Cuntzburg was a member of the panel of wankers who compiled the top ten list. “For us it was Rob’s playful yet cheeky reworking of the common man that won us over. Is it pastiche? Is it homage? Is it irony? Rob’s style keeps us guessing as to what the full message is. Mischievousness has a place in fashion and Rob plays to this so well.”

Regular readers of News Manc will remember that Salford resident Maurice Anderson, 68, was named GQ’s ‘man of the year’ in 2001 after spending thirty years volunteering at a drug rehabilitation unit in Pendleton. GQ editor, Max Smealing-Huthington told News Manc that things have changed since then.

“Yeah, we went a bit mental that year and gave the award to someone who had actually done something amazing for their community and society and society as a whole”, he said. “But we’ve since remembered our ethos and given the award in each subsequent year to Daniel Craig or the good-looking man from that Dolce and Gabbana advert. You know, the guy on the boat. David something.”

Rob Slater will be doing a fashion Q&A at The Fort Retail Park at 2pm on Saturday 11th February in association with Greggs the bakers. For you chance to win a free pair of tickets please e-mail or mms your photographs of the snow in to the BBC newsdesk.


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3 Comments on “NEWS | Manchester man named in ‘best dressed’ list”

  1. Louis Bourgeois Martin Says:

    I hate Shitz Von Cuntzburg…


  2. Sir Compton Dando Says:

    That Rob STOLE my ideas, my looks, my STYLE! Everything. The big fat BITCH!


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