NEWS | DJ Dave Haslam interviews David Milliband

January 27, 2012



Former New Order vocalist Dave Haslam.

Dave Haslam, Manchester DJ, Author, Lecturer, Interviewer, Celebrity Chef, Raconteur, Taxidermist and star of Celebrity Big Brother 4, last night interviewed former Foreign Secretary and Labour Party leadership contender David Miliband MP in one of the back rooms of The Briton’s Protection public house.

The exclusive event was part of Haslam’s ‘Close Up’ initiative, a series of interviews with musicians, authors and other public figures. Previous interviewees have included Edward from Jedward and former 8:15 from Manchester presenter Ross King.

“It was pretty challenging to be honest”, said Haslam. “Miliband seemed keen to bang on about foreign policy a lot, especially the invasions of Iraq and Afghasistan. And he seemingly wanted to open up about the impact that his political life has had on his relationship with his brother. He even tried to give his insights in to The Arab Spring. To be frank, I’m not really arsed about all that and I don’t think my audience were either. You’re in Manchester now Dave, let’s talk about The Hacienda and your favourite Northside songs.”

The conversation revealed that Miliband had never been to The Hacienda and nor had he heard of Northside. But that didn’t deter Haslam. “Come on Dave, surely you must have been to The Hacienda?” said Haslam, looking slightly exasperated. “And Northside? Really? You must have owned the album Chicken Rhythms?”

Miliband looked blankly at Haslam and an awkward hush descended on the room. “Erm, well, er, I used to really like that Moseley Shoals album by Ocean Colour Scene. The one about catching the train and all that. No?”

At this point lawyers acting for New Order’s ex-bass player Peter Hook served an injunction claiming copyright over all mentions of the Hacienda bringing the event to a sudden but welcome close.


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4 Comments on “NEWS | DJ Dave Haslam interviews David Milliband”

  1. Papa Simpson Says:

    Keep it up, you bring joy to the studio.


  2. Louis Bourgeois Martin Says:

    A chink of light on a very Mancunian-weather orientated day.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Aaaaaahahahahaha. I was taught by Haslam and every lecture was like that conversation. I can just hear it…


  4. Jacqui Says:

    Although, Anonymous, I’m assuming this is “funny” because the conversation wasn’t like this at all?


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