NEWS | Manchester City Council gets an office dog

January 25, 2012



This is Toby. He's the new office dog at Manchester City Council.

Officials at Manchester City Council have bought a dog for the Town Hall offices. They’ve named him Toby and he’s a black labrador.

“He’s just gorgeous”, said Council Chief Executive Joe Devola. “We thought he’d brighten up the place and he’s certainly done that. He’s actually really well-behaved too, which is a bonus. I can’t believe we didn’t think of getting a dog earlier”.

“Oh yeah, he’s great”, agreed Susan Ross, Director of Workforce and Human Resources. “Only yesterday I was sitting at my desk getting some paperwork done and I saw this little, cute head peer around my door. In he wandered and we spent a good five minutes having cuddles and play time. He’s got lovely eyes. I’m normally a cat person, but he’s fantastic”.

Town Hall officials have devised a system to ensure that Toby is walked at least twice a day. “We just drew up a simple rota”, said Lloyd Braun, Director of Finance and Planning. “We sent an e-mail out to all staff members to ask how many would be happy to walk Toby and then made a list of how many said yes. I think it was about 20 altogether. We then allocated people a certain morning or afternoon one day a week to take him out on a walk. It seems to work well.”

Director of Operations and Business Planning, Yev Kassem, was one of the workers who volunteered to walk Toby. “I just thought it’d be fun”, he said. “I generally do Tuesday mornings and we have a nice route down King Street, over Deansgate and through parts of Salford down by the river. There’s an area near Spinningfields where I can let him off the lead and let him run free for a while. He seems to like that.”

Justin Pitt, Director of Development and Strategic Planning, takes Toby home each night. “I’ve already got a springer spaniel so I’m really pleased that he has a bit of companionship during the evening and night-time. I explained to the Council that I’d need to make sure the two dogs got on okay, but luckily they’ve become best of friends so the arrangement has been made permanent.”

Earlier today Manchester City Council announced that they would be cutting 8,300 frontline jobs in a drive to reduce cost. No one from the council was available to comment.


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9 Comments on “NEWS | Manchester City Council gets an office dog”

  1. Bruce P Says:

    What about a council cat? This is pure petism and I am going to complain to the European court of animal rights! For too long feline rights have been trampled on by the jackpaw of the dogist majority!!!


  2. Toby Butler Says:

    This is a really nice, heart-warming, informative article. More like this please!


  3. assman Says:

    Seinfeld was a great show.


  4. Marion Trapham Says:

    once again the manchester town hall mafia get to decide one rule for them and antoher rule for every one else. i had a dog not a labredor but a small one like a terrier or something and the council found out and i had to give it back. its okay because i dont really like dogs becaus they bite and sometimes they bite children. anway, im really happy the council has a dog and the staff get to look after the dog it just seems unfairthat there are children starving in manchester and the council gets a dog and the children dont get a dog thats all. marion


  5. Sir Comton Dando Says:

    Why just one dog? In my dreams there are fifty to a hundred great-danes in every town hall in the land. Imagine that.
    I really like this website. I really like my mother. But she’d dead.


  6. Peter Says:

    Well that’s Pat Karney out of a job as I often saw council staff taking him for a walk around the city but I guess with his age and weak bowels they had to go around cleaning up too much of his crap.
    I hope Toby manages to get as much press at Pat has had.



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